My dad started me fishing before I can remember. Can’t say I always  loved it. When I was young it bored me to tears. All I wanted to do was throw rocks in the water.  Wasn’t until my early 20s when a college roommate reintroduced me to it that I truly learned to love its zen-like qualities.  I haven’t stopped since.  I love all kinds of fishing, saltwater and fresh. But bass fishing is my true passion. 

I was getting ready for a trip to Lake Fork in 2023 when I came across a youtube channel that featured a guy named Bob Roberts.  He had a website called basstournamentfinder.com.  I was interested in purchasing his website.  This was when I sadly discovered that Bob had recently passed away.  I was able to track down his wife and bought the site from her.  I hope I can do Bob’s legacy well and keep basstournamentfinder.com up to the high standards he set.